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What is the 1956 Society?

Arc Broward was started in 1956 and began as a very small not-for-profit serving children with developmental disabilities. Today, it has grown into one of the largest providers in Broward County, annually impacting over 1,200 children and adults with disabilities and other life challenges.

The 1956 Society embodies the movement inspired by the parents of children with disabilities who founded Arc in 1956. Their vision and passion still drive us today. 1956 Society members are generous, caring individuals who have come together to make an IMPACT for people with disabilities and help transform our community by providing opportunities for children and adults to DEVELOP, be EMPOWERED, and THRIVE!

We invite you to join the 1956 Society movement and help us build a brighter future together here in Broward County!

For more information, contact Director of Philanthropy, Vanessa Seltzer at or call (954) 746-9400.

“Since Mike’s move into Barc Housing 19 years ago, our family has wholeheartedly embraced our commitment to supporting Arc Broward. Recognizing the profound importance of this organization, we have been actively engaged in a range of initiatives to bolster its mission. From hosting fundraising brunches that bring together friends and family to attending Arc Broward events and making financial contributions through the 1956 Society, our family is dedicated to ensuring the continued excellence of Arc Broward’s programs. We are proud to forge ahead, cementing our involvement in the 1956 Society to provide the vital financial support that will empower Arc Broward to maintain its position as a pioneering force in disability programming.”

Susan Kabot
(Mike’s Mom)

arc broward barc housing resident posing with his family

They give to make an IMPACT

by ensuring 1,200 children and adults with disabilities and other life challenges we serve annually are provided with life-changing opportunities through a continuum of critical programs and services to reach their true potential.

They give to help DEVELOP

services for children and teens with disabilities and their families to access comprehensive programs that facilitate their growth and development from early childhood to adulthood.

They invest to

teens and adults with disabilities and barriers to employment so they have access to individualized education, training, and tools that empower them as they work toward building careers and self-sufficiency.

They invest to THRIVE

by ensuring that adults and seniors with disabilities have access to meaningful day activities and residential supports in a nurturing environment that promotes independence, growth, and personal development.

They invest to INNOVATE

1956 Society members support Arc Broward in driving meaningful outcomes for the people we care about. They are committed to proactively preparing and positioning us to pursue innvovation and engagement across all fronts and with all stakeholders.