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Arc Works provides the main point of access to programs supporting the economic realities and aspirations of individuals with disabilities. The goal of these services is to help participants obtain and maintain employment, complete post-secondary education or occupational skills training and increase knowledge of financial stability concepts and behaviors. Long-term engagement in these services ultimately allows participants to earn, keep and grow assets while remaining employed, out of poverty and achieving self-sufficiency. 

Participants are required to take part in “bundled services” defined as selecting supports in at least two of the three service areas. Participants are also encouraged to receive “high intensity” services such as post-secondary education, occupational skills training, employment assistance or long-term job supports. Qualifying participants must have a documented disability, reside in Broward County and have a desire to be financially stable. Referrals are accepted through the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program, Vocational Rehabilitation, community case managers, and by word of mouth. 

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Job seekers benefit from our innovative program, directed by qualified and experienced staff, designed to address their specific needs. Building upon the individual’s abilities and strengths, the overall goal is to increase independence and self-sufficiency in a job and in the community. Our staff has a “whatever it takes” approach when working with participants. We focus on:

  • Employment Assistance – job readiness, job placement, and career advancement to enter or reenter the workforce or a new career, and find a job
  • Computer lab and computer classes
  • Short-term on-the-job coaching
  • Long-term job supports
  • “Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success” program – a collection of career development exercises and activities designed to help sharpen “soft” skills of workers, including those with disabilities

Workplace supports and job development activities are provided throughout the local community at various employment sites. The frequency, hours, and days of services are based upon the needs of the employee and funder’s service authorization guidelines. Computer lab hours are Tuesdays 1-3 p.m., Thursdays 1-3 p.m., the first Saturday of every month (schedule an appointment), and can be accessed other days and hours with an appointment. Classes for career development and soft skills are offered Tuesdays-Thursdays, from 10 a.m.-noon. Classes are hosted at Arc Broward’s WorkBar, 3415 N Dixie Highway Oakland Park FL 33334.

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Arc Educates provides three certification programs that provide career training for human services, animal care, culinary arts, and material handling.

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Financial coaching and education for low-income populations has emerged as a core feature and holds much promise as a way to help families achieve their financial goals. A series of financial literacy classes are available to participants to help build a foundation of self-sufficiency.

Financial Fitness classes are offered Tuesdays – Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to noon. Classes are hosted at Arc Broward’s WorkBar, 3415 N Dixie Highway, Oakland Park FL 33334. Free tax preparation services are available. 

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Arc Broward’s School of Hire Education is an exciting opportunity for eligible Broward County students with disabilities (ages 18 to 22) to obtain career/workforce education, community-based instruction, social skills, and independent living skills. School of Hire is a unique diploma deferment option for post-secondary students. The school provides students with opportunities to directly prepare them for a career after high school.

Students are presented with multiple work-based learning experiences at area employment sites. They are assisted by their support team to make progress based on their goals and career path interests.

School of Hire is funded primarily by Broward County Schools. Services are provided free of charge. Referral sources include teachers, ESE Specialists, community case managers, transition team members and by word of mouth.

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Youth Links is an experiential learning program that prepares students with disabilities ages 16 to 21 for post-secondary education, training, and employment. The program fosters independence and improves social and employability skills and prepares youth with special needs to transition successfully into adulthood.

During the school year, students participate in a series of learning experiences addressing career development, social skills, life skills, self-determination, and advocacy through a combination of classroom and real-life settings. On non-school days, students participate in field trips to local colleges and businesses, as well as complete service learning and volunteer experiences. During the summer, students have the chance to participate in paid summer employment, ranging from 16 to 30 hours per week.

Students who do not participate in paid employment participate in community-based learning activities such as job shadowing, job tours, mock interviews, and volunteer work experiences. Staff-to-student ratios vary during the school and summer months and while participating in internships and employment.

Youth Links is funded primarily by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. Services are provided free of charge. Referral sources include teachers, ESE Specialists, community case managers, and by word of mouth.

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American Dream Employment Network (ADEN) is a solution-oriented administrative Employment Network.

What is the Ticket to Work Program?

For individuals receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits, the return to gainful employment can be complicated, and challenging. The Social Security Administration recognizes the challenges that beneficiaries face in returning to work and, as a result, are able to offer sufficiency, through supports provided by the SSA’s Ticket to Work program. Providers of services to SSA disability beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work program are known as Employment Networks (ENs).

What is ADEN?

ADEN is the first national administrative Employment Network providing face- to-face services to Ticket holders (known as Participants by ADEN) through a network of providers across the country called ADEN Members. ADEN provides supports to state and local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), community rehabilitation providers and other qualified and interested community partners across the country, by offering administrative solutions and ongoing training and technical assistance to its Members. ADEN also recognizes the importance of engaging employers in a meaningful way, and is focused on building a network of Employer Partners who are interested in diversifying their workforce by hiring qualified Participants. ADEN administrators are skilled EN operators and technical assistance providers with decades of experience running successful ENs.

Why is ADEN Different?

ADEN is a division of National Disability Institute (NDI) whose mission is to provide a better economic future for Americans with disabilities. ADEN is interested in providing service that lead to the long-term financial stability of the Participants we serve. ADEN Members will offer the following core services to Participants: 

  • Career Counseling
  • Social Security Work Incentives Advisement
  • Job Search Supports
  • Connection to Employers
  • Money Management Resources
  • Long-term Support on the Job

To learn more, visit the ADEN website at or contact us:

Mary Lynn ReVoir / ADEN Co-Director –

Kevin Nickerson / ADEN Co-Director –

Arc Broward’s Arc Works Program is a proud member of ADEN.

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How does Arc Works find the right employee for my business?

The Arc Works staff sources and pre-screens candidates from our large talent pool that is built on referrals from multiple organizations. It is our priority to identify candidates that are an excellent fit for your company’s needs and employee culture. If there is not an immediate fit, Arc Works will source for the position through our vast network and find the right candidate. Arc Works also works you’re your company to determine the timeline of your company’s needs in order to fill the positions.

What type of support will be provided by the Arc Works Team for businesses and employees hired through this program?

Arc Works will assign an Employment Specialist to provide support during the whole process. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • On going consultation from our employment specialist 
  • Retraining opportunity from our employment specialist, if needed
  • Providing initial on the job training with phase out when employee is fully trained to the employers satisfaction
  • Corporate training given by disability professionals to show other employees how to work with someone who has a disability
  • Establishment of workplace support networks and coordination with the individuals the employee will interact with most

What makes Arc Works different from other job placement programs?

Arc Works maintains a capable and reliable talent pool to provide employment solutions for our business partners, while focusing on finding careers not just jobs for our clients. We offer our services at no cost to the employer, and works with you to assess your company’s employment needs. Our employment specialists are always available to support you through the hiring, training and employment process.

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