Toddlers & Children

Arc Broward gives young learners with disabilities a space to grow and thrive! We often combine both academic learning and social skills training. Our staff ensures that staff-to-child ratios give each child the care and attention they need. These thriving new environments gives children on the spectrum the chance to learn away from their parents. 

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Arc Broward offers a wide range of programs to help young learners grow and thrive.  From a developmental preschool and intensive afterschool and summer camp programs, to in-home parenting support and rehabilitative therapies like occupational, speech, and physical therapy, we are committed to helping children reach their true potential!

The Alternative Behavioral Learning Environment (ABLE) program provides an enriched and specialized afterschool program for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges who are ages 3 to 21. Board-certified behavior analysts conduct assessments and develop behavior plans for students and certified teachers provide academic instruction in science and literacy. The program also provides social skills training, physical fitness activities, cultural arts and recreation activities, case management, and nursing services. Our staff-to-child ratios are based on each child’s needs. The program currently operates during the school year from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday in accordance with the Broward County School calendar. Hours are extended for early release days. On non-school days, including designated teacher workdays and winter/spring breaks, services are provided from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ABLE program is funded primarily through the Children’s Services Council of Broward County with support from United Way of Broward County. Broward County Child Care License #45012

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Camp ABLE is a unique, specialized summer camp program for children with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges ages 3 to 21.

Our campers learn a variety of physical and emotional skills. Physical skills include water safety instruction, community-based instruction and recreation, physical fitness activities, and recreation activities, Our emotional and educational elements include learning about cultural arts and social skills training. Certified teachers provide academic instruction in math, science, and literacy.

Occupational, speech and physical therapy are available for children if approved by their health insurance or through private payment arrangements. Staff-to-child ratios vary and are based on the child’s needs to ensure that each child is cared for. Camp ABLE is a full day/all summer camp. We do not offer half-days or partial summer enrollment. Children attending ESY (summer school) are not eligible to attend.

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The Arc Broward Family Support Program is designed to provide you with information, support, tools strategies, and resources to address the challenges that come with the unique position of parenting a child with special needs. It is designed to enhance the parenting journey and support the well-being of the entire family. There is no cost to participate in the program and it is available to families with children who have special needs from birth through age 14 who reside with their natural families in Broward County. Our team will provide you with access to tools and materials to strengthen your family bond. We will also connect you with needed community resources and services. You will join a supportive network of parents, where you can share experiences, learn from others, and grow together. The program includes home visits to provide personalized support, group sessions where you can connect with other parents and parenting workshops. Empower yourself, empower your family, and create a brighter future for your child with Arc Broward’s Family Support Program.

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Arc Broward proudly offers a vibrant set of preschool services! The Preschool provides early education and therapy services to toddlers and young students ages 3 through 5 years of age. The team includes certified teachers, teacher’s assistants, licensed physical and occupational therapists, licensed speech-language pathologists, and board-certified behavior analysts. The team conducts evaluations and develops individual education plans to optimize each student’s functioning and developmental growth. The daily routine includes individual and small group activities, independent activities and multi-sensory learning. These activities take place in the classroom, on the playground, in the cafeteria, and in the therapy gym. The preschool operates Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3  p.m. in accordance with the School Board of Broward County schedule. Before and after school care is available for a private fee. Eligible students ages 3 to 5 are funded by the School Board of Broward County for educational and related therapy services. Broward County Child Care License #45012

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Respite Care Services, offered in both the family home and at Arc Broward’s campus, provides temporary care and supervision to children so that parents or caregivers can take a much-needed break with the confidence that their children are safe and receiving the best care by trained professionals. During Respite Care children are engaged in a variety of wonderful social, recreational, and fitness activities. Enhancement services include youth enrichment and parent education and support services. Youth Enrichment offers a wide variety of activities including academic tutoring, homework assistance, and fitness activities. 

Respite Care with Enrichment Services is funded by Broward County Community Partnerships – Children’s Services Administration.

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