Impressive Welcome at ARC Broward IT Asset Recovery

Recently, I had the opportunity to start my new position as Marketing and Communications Manager at ARC Broward, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services to children and adults with disabilities and other life challenges.

In addition to services for people of all ages, preschool to seniors, ARC Broward has three missed-based enterprises that raise funds to support those services. These include the ARC Broward Learning Institute, ARC Broward Culinary Institute and ARC Broward IT Asset Recovery.

All three are unique. The Learning Institute provides training opportunities for ARC Broward employees, area organizations, the Human Services industry and students in the Culinary Institute.

ARC Broward Culinary Institute has its own catering business that caters weddings, parties, business events and more. The special occasions are held at the City of Sunrise Civic Center Grand Ballroom. It also provides meaningful employment to the people we serve.

Prior to the start of this career transition, I was fortunate to see ARC Broward IT Asset Recovery’s (ITAR) impressive 25,000-foot warehouse and meet the dedicated staff. It’s more than just an electronics recycling facility. ARC Broward IT Asset Recovery collaborates with larger businesses that have 100 or more users.

When a company is ready to upgrade, liquidate or consolidate its technology, the certified ITAR team evaluates the assets and takes detailed inventory on every piece of equipment, large or small. Then, there are rigorous checks in place to ensure that all storage media processed is properly cleared, and if necessary destroyed using advanced shredding equipment.

It’s truly peace of mind knowing that the old data will be securely erased.

If possible, the old equipment is refurbished and sold either wholesale across the United States or retail on the official ITAR eBay store. I was in need of a new laptop. Instead of buying new on well-known online stores, I realized ITAR could sell me one at a reasonable price that had better quality parts than most refurbished equipment.

I couldn’t be happier. The laptop is nearly new, and I proudly helped support an organization that continues to provide job training and employment services to individuals in need.

The staff there is dedicated and welcomes visitors to tour the warehouse. I suggest the same. Go meet Tomas Leon, Director of ARC Broward IT Asset Recovery, and his team. You will be as impressed as I was during my visit.

It is located at 3300 SW 13th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and Follow on LinkedIn.