From Chef Hector’s Demo Station

As we embrace fall, ARC Broward welcomes a new student and new resources.

Jonah, who completed his Occupational Experience Period (OEP) earlier this month, was accepted into ARC Broward Learning Institute’s Entry-Level Culinary Arts Certificate Program. If you are not familiar with our OEP, this is a 1- to 5-day trial period in which potential students are provided with the opportunity to “test out” the culinary arts program.

Jonah is excited to join the 15-week program that teaches participants the necessary skills in order to succeed in a professional kitchen/culinary career. He quickly expressed an interest in learning how to cook and has already asked to borrow quite a number of cookbooks!

“So, what resources is Chef talking about?” you may be asking yourself. I am pleased to report that I had the pleasure of recently joining Julie Price, our Vice President of Program Services, on a trip to Seattle, WA.

There, we attended the Catalyst Kitchens Members Summit, “a biennial gathering of the network (of several non-profit organizations) that provides a powerful and productive opportunity for members to gather, celebrate, invest and explore successes and challenges in developing successful job training programming, food service production, and social enterprise operations.”

Considering our two branches of social enterprise related to the culinary arts program, catering and contract meals, this summit proved to be quite beneficial. I had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow instructors to find that our combined experiences served as catalysts to realize best practices, all the while developing suggestions and new ideas.

Lastly, and ironically, this serves as an introduction to this blog! My hope is that this, too, shall be resourceful to our followers. Here, I will share highlights in the Culinary Arts Certificate Program.

ARC Broward Learning Institute is dedicated to supporting individuals through quality, affordable professional development training and educational programs. In addition, we offer two certification courses including DSPATHS (Direct Support Professional Advancement through Training and Education in Human Services) and an Entry Level Culinary Arts Certificate.

The ARC Broward Learning Institute is one of three mission-based enterprises that supports ARC Broward with funds and providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other life challenges. For more information, visit ( or call (954) 746-9400. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” on LinkedIn.

Chef Hector Mañón is the Chef Instructor, at ARC Broward Learning Institute.