Pedro and Miguel: A One-In-A-Million Pair

It is estimated that identical twins with Down syndrome occur at the rate of about one in a million pregnancies. And we at Arc Broward are fortunate to call one of these extraordinary duos, Pedro and Miguel, family.

In 1968, when Pedro and Miguel were born, their family had a double surprise – that they were twins and boys! Then, several hours later, they received word from the doctor that their twin boys had Down syndrome.

Soon later, a nurse at the hospital told the family to “put them away and forget about them because all they would bring us was heartache.” But Pedro and Miguel’s family would never dream of doing such a thing to the sons that they had longed for and completed their family.

Pedro and Miguel lived a fulfilling and meaningful childhood, where they attended school, participated in the Special Olympics, and welcomed nieces and nephews.

As Pedro and Miguel entered adulthood, caring for them became increasingly difficult for their aging parents. That’s when the family found Arc Broward’s Venice House, a residential home where Pedro and Miguel live with four other men, as well as trained and dedicated staff who assist them and their housemates to be active participants in their home and community.

Since moving to Venice House, Pedro and Miguel live more independently, socialize with friends and live life on their own terms. In 1968, the family would have never imagined that Pedro and Miguel would live such fulfilling lives, be taken care of, loved and cherished for who they are.

About Arc Broward:

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