Perception is Not Reality

Arc Broward is an organization that has been assisting people with disabilities for over 40 years. A primary emphasis has been to give job-seeking individuals a better opportunity to find a long-term career rather than a part-time job. This is no easy objective. The Florida Chamber Foundation reported that 63 percent of people with disabilities are not active in the workforce. The obstacles may be high, but many of these barriers are in the minds of potential employers and not in the hard work of the disabled.

Arc Works, a division of Arc Broward, helps to break down the myths and misconceptions potential employers may have
about hiring people with disabilities. As Arc Broward COO Julie Price says, “Our business development people are tasked
with going out and speaking to business owners and hiring managers asking, ‘What could it look like in your workplace to
employ an individual with a disability?’ It happens organically, with these one-on-one conversations. And this notion of them
being a financial burden does not exist.”

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