8 Kids Who Stole Our Hearts in 2017

Saylor Burgoyne

In front of 700 people, 10-year-old Saylor Burgoyne proudly walked across the stage to be crowned the 2018 Little Miss Arc Broward during the 5th Annual Miss Arc Broward Pageant. As a contestant, she had displayed four pieces of her artwork (in addition to wearing a hand-painted dress of her own design) for the talent portion of the competition. “I like to be creative and wear clothes that I have painted on that become art,” she says. “Art and fashion both make me happy.”

Saylor intended to compete in the pageant last year but had to step out in order to recover from brain surgery. Recover she did, and so much more. “When they called my name, I had a mix of emotions go through me,” she says. “I was shocked and happy and nervous and proud! I couldn’t believe I won!”

As Jessica Rodriguez, Chief Marketing & Development Officer for the organization explains, “For more than 60 years, Arc Broward has worked to change the perception of individuals with disabilities and life challenges throughout the South Florida community. This effort of changing perspectives came to life as the girls competed in front of their entire community.”

Saylor doesn’t think those life challenges are the crux of the story, however. “I don’t know of any challenges I have to tell,” she said after beaming about her passion for art and fashion. “That is the beautiful thing about Saylor,” her mom, Ronna, adds. “She focuses on what she can do and not on what she can’t do.”

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