A Healthy Steak Salad Bowl From Arc Culinary’s Executive Chef

From Arc Culinary’s Executive Chef, Cristina Lane:

When stuck at home it is easy to overeat and/or eat unhealthily. The key is to fight temptation when at the store and not go down that snack aisle…

Here is a simple go-to recipe my husband and I prepare at home pretty frequently, Grilled steak bowl salad. It sounds boring, but it is all about the layers and the flavors.

First, buy your favorite cut of steak, our preferred cut is the ribeye, it is pretty fatty but makes for a very flavorful dish. For the salad, for the most part, we stick with mix greens (buy the mixed bags that give you color and different texture like mesclun or arcadian), grape tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and sometimes carrots. You can add so many others like peppers, radish, red onions…make it your own!

Finally, the vinaigrette is the salad dressing that makes the difference in a salad. Only toss the salad ingredients not the steak, we use a Ginger Sesame dressing, it truly makes all the flavors come together.

And now, for the recipe…