Peruvian Realism Graffiti Artist, Roberto Seminario “Sef,” Leaves a Mark of Innocence and Inspiration at Arc Broward

Sunrise, FL – December 22, 2023

Peruvian Realism Graffiti artist, Roberto Seminario, known as “Sef,” unveiled a beautiful and inspiring mural at Arc Broward today. Born in Lima, Peru, Sef’s artistic journey began on the streets of Pueblo-Libre, and now, his work resonates globally.

The mural, inspired by the theme of innocence and dreams, is a gift to the children of Arc Broward Preschool and ABLE afterschool programs. Arc Broward’s mission to transform communities by providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities aligns with Sef’s vision of leaving a lasting legacy of art and ideas worldwide.

“My mother teaches autistic children in Peru, so I am especially excited about this work because it will mean a lot to her,” said Sef. “Kids need to be inspired to dream and this one of a little boy astronaut with my actual cat, Lucho, is about having big dreams.”

As excited students of the preschool got their first glimpse of the new artwork in their playground, they were very excited to meet the artist.  Sef’s pride in the project was evident, as he expressed the heartfelt connection to both his art and the community at Arc Broward.

“We are so honored to be able to feature Sef’s work on our campus,” said Jule Price, CEO of Arc Broward. “It’s such a beautiful mural and art has the power to speak when words fail. This one is a testament to the limitless potential within every child, regardless of ability.”

Growing up, Sef’s initial foray into graffiti art started at the age of 17, driven by a desire to connect with his neighbors and friends. Skateboarding initially occupied his time and became a passion, but injuries led him to explore other avenues. Thus began his adventure in graffiti art, a journey that has taken him to the streets of 24 countries around the world.

Sef’s artistic evolution from wild-style graffiti to realism is a testament to his direct approach in conveying concepts and ideas. His focus on Realism Graffiti, particularly highlighting children, carries a clear message of innocence and purity, a central theme that defines his work. His distinctive style has earned him opportunities to paint in various countries, and his commitment to community impact is evident in the numerous murals he has created.

Sef’s notable philanthropic efforts are impressive. He has donated over 100 hours of his time and talents to the Sergio Arce led @aWALLmuralprojects, which has resulted in three significant murals for the benefit of school children in South Florida. This journey began during Art Basel 2019 when Sef painted a mural titled ‘Joaquin’ at Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School in South Miami. In 2021 he painted the acclaimed ‘Miami Vice’ mural at Paul Dunbar K-8 in Wynwood. His creative generosity continued in 2023 when he painted his interpretation of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in Miami Dade County for Citrus Grove K-8 during Art Basel.

Sef’s artistic journey is not just about painting walls; it’s a narrative of connecting hearts, bridging communities, and leaving an indelible mark of inspiration. As his mural graces the walls of Arc Broward, the community is reminded of the transformative power of art and the profound impact it can have on lives.

For more information about Roberto Seminario, follow him on Instagram @sef.01


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