Empowering Abilities: Arc Educates Certificate Programs Pave the Way to Success

In the pursuit of a more inclusive and diverse workforce, organizations like Arc Broward play a pivotal role in providing specialized training programs designed to empower individuals with disabilities while helping meet local labor market needs.

Arc Broward established Arc Educates, a social enterprise dedicated to educating and supporting people with disabilities by providing quality, affordable professional services and development programs. Currently, Arc Educates offers three certificate programs in Animal Care, Entry-Level Culinary Arts, and Material Handler.  These programs are structured to not only impart essential skills but also foster an environment where every student can thrive.

A Supportive Ecosystem

Our commitment to fostering success begins with creating a supportive ecosystem for our students. Our instructors and staff members are not just educators but mentors, providing a caring and understanding environment that nurtures the students’ growth.

Certificate Programs

Animal Care:

The Animal Care Certificate program is designed to cater to the passion and enthusiasm many individuals with disabilities have for working with animals. This program not only imparts hands-on skills thanks to our partnerships with Abandned Pet Rescue and Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center, our students also receive American Red Cross Cat and Dog First Aid training and learn basic animal care.  Students gain practical experience working with cats and dogs, ensuring they are well-prepared for meaningful employment in animal-related industries.

Entry-Level Culinary Arts:

Recognizing the universal appeal and demand for culinary skills, our Entry-Level Culinary Arts Certificate program equips individuals with disabilities with the fundamental skills needed in the culinary world.  Students receive comprehensive training from basic cooking techniques to kitchen safety and food handling. Additionally, the program emphasizes teamwork and time management, essential skills in any culinary setting. Our students receive food handler certification, and job placement assistance support upon completing the program.

Material Handler:

The Material Handler Certificate program addresses the need for skilled individuals in logistics and warehouse operations. Participants earn an OSHA General Industry Certification, learn the intricacies of handling materials, inventory management, and the operation of relevant equipment at our externship sites in the community. This program not only opens doors to employment opportunities in the logistics industry but also instills a sense of responsibility and precision in the students. They also have the opportunity to earn a Forklift certification, if eligible.

Special Accreditations

Arc Educates is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). This accreditation not only validates the quality of the programs but also provides an assurance to employers that graduates possess the essential skills to excel in their respective fields. The organization’s dedication to maintaining high standards ensures that individuals with disabilities receive top-notch training with favorable completion and job-placement outcomes.

Dedicated and Caring Staff

The success of these certificate programs can be attributed in no small part to the dedication and expertise of the staff. Instructors go beyond traditional teaching roles, providing mentorship and guidance to help students overcome challenges. Their passion for empowering individuals with disabilities is evident in every aspect of the programs, creating an environment where students feel supported and motivated.

Arc Broward’s certificate programs in Animal Care, Entry-Level Culinary Arts, and Material Handler exemplify the organization’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering individuals with disabilities. Through carefully crafted curricula, special accreditations, and a compassionate staff, Arc Broward is not just providing training – it’s building a pathway to success for each and every student. In doing so, they contribute to the economic vibrancy of our community through a more diverse and capable workforce that recognizes the abilities of all individuals, regardless of their challenges.