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Professional Crisis Management

Professional Crisis Management (PCM) is a crisis management system that emerged out of 16 years of practical experience in dealing with severely aggressive individuals in home, residential, hospital, and school settings. The strategies utilized in PCM are based on scientifically verified principles and address a variety of behaviors. PCM was developed by Neal Fleisig, MS, CBA and is regulated by the Professional Crisis Management Association (PCMA).

Unlike other methods that teach intervention only after individuals have become non-compliant, agitated, or aggressive, PCM focuses primarily on prevention, before a crisis occurs. Although not every incidence of aggression can be predicted and prevented with 100% reliability, using proactive prevention methods can greatly reduce crises. 

PCM System covers four (4) Crisis Strategies: Prevention, De-escalation, Intervention, Post-Crisis Intervention components, depending on the level of certification.

PCMA prides itself on having the only curricula fully based on Applied Behavior Analysis. It is designed to fit into existing treatment and educational programs and is focused on prevention and creating a safe and positive learning environment for all.

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Note: Class prices are subject to change. Annual Recertification training is required for all levels and offered by Arc Broward. Note that our class size is limited to only 12 participants, so register today!

Differences Per Level of Certification

Professional Crisis Management (PCM) Level I or II 3-Day Training

Level I: Non-physical strategies, personal safety techniques, and physical procedures up to and including vertical immobilization

Level II: All of Level I plus horizontal immobilization

Cost: $180

PCM Annual Recertification

Duration: Seven (7) Hours

Cost: $125 per person

PCM Basic Practitioner: Non-Physical Strategies and Personal Safety Techniques Only

Duration: Six (6) Hours

Cost: $130 per person

PCM Retraining

Duration: Three (3) Hours — Written; Three (3) Hours — Practical

Cost: $65 per person